SLink - S Band Transceiver System

SLink/SLink-PHY is a compact transceiver system for S band communication links of small satellites in LEO environment. It is a full duplex transceiver for huge payload data rates in downlink and an integrated uplink for satellite telecommand.

SLink-PHY is a downsized version with mechanical dimensions fitting into 1U Cubesats.

The radio interface and protocols are alternatively realized proprietary or according to CCSDS recommendations.

Frequency Range:
2.200 to 2.290 GHz (Tx)
Frequency Range:
2.025 to 2.110 GHz (Rx)
Data Rate:
4 Mbps (downlink)
Data Rate:
64+ kbps (uplink)
Data Rate:
64 kbps (inter-sat link)
Power consumption:
<13 W (Tx + Rx)
Power consumption:
3 to 4.5 W (Rx only)
Supply Voltage:
7 to 18 V
50 x 55 x 94 mm
<190 g