SatBus 3C2 OBC - Main Bus Unit

SatBus 3C2 is a highly integrated nano-satellite main bus unit containing advanced functionality:

  • An on-board flight computer (OBC)
  • An attitude determination & control system (ADCS)
  • Redundant UHF communication system (COMM)

SatBus 3C2 is a flight computer tailored for small-sized satellites and complies with the CubeSat standard. The system is designed to save customers’ time and budget, minimize required integration effort and effectively increase volume for payload as well as overall system reliability through matched hardware on one board.

SatBus 3C2 architecture is based on an STM32 H7 series microcontroller with high-performance and low power ARM Cortex™ M7 32-bit core MCU, operating at a frequency of up to 400 MHz. The same M7-core MCU performs OBC and ADCS functions. External flash and F-RAM memories provide reliable storage for telemetry and user data. A number of various digital interfaces are available for sensor and other CubeSat hardware support.

NanoAvionics is offering a developed and in-orbit tested “SatBus 3C2” with ADCS, including necessary sensors and actuators:

  • SatCOM UHF (1 pcs)
  • Sun sensors (6 units)
  • Reaction Wheels 4RW0 (1 set)
  • Magnetorquers (1 set)
  • GPS Receiver (1 set)