End to End Microgravity Service

YURI is your single point of contact providing an end-to-end microgravity service. With our online configuration tool parameters such as microgravity duration, temperature, live data and other mission characteristics are defined.

As second step, we select the flight hardware by choosing from YURI’s variety of flight-proven experiment hardware portfolio (InnerShells, OuterShells, ScienceBox, ScienceTaxi) that cover research areas like cell culture, crystallization, plants, fruit flies and fish. If none of the existing hardware complies to the requirements, customized hardware is developed. Researchers receive extensive training on the hardware and enough dry runs to fully understand the experiment hardware.

YURI covers all launch logistics for the flight hardware, such as export control, safety and launch manifest. If required, YURI supports the researchers during the final integration at KSC, Florida.

After the experiment was executed in space, the hardware returns to Earth and yuri organizes a fast shipment to the scientists for immediate evaluations.

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