Ground-based fast rotating pipette clinostat (microgravity simulator) for cell cultures for laboratory use. A clinostat rotates samples constantly perpendicularly to the gravitational field to hinder the biological system from adapting to gravity. A correctly set-up clinostat forces the cells to rotate around their own center of gravity at a speed high enough to prevent them from adapting to gravity but slow enough to avoid high sheer and centrifugal forces which are the major disturbing forces during clinorotation.


  • 15 sample vessels per Module (Base and Expansion modules)
  • 9 additional sample vessels per Reference Rack

clinostat exoansion modules

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Sample Rotation Speed:
0 - 100 RPM
Power Supply:
100 V @ 60 Hz (US), 240 V @ 50 Hz (EU)
Maximum Power Consumption:
150 W
Operating Temperature:
4C to 40C
Expansion Module Size:
480 x 480 x 355 mm
1g Reference Rack Size:
140 x 400 x 40 mm
Sample Rotation Steps:
Base Module Size:
540 x 480 x 245 mm
Lead Time:
3 months