Clinostat Rental Service

Ground-based fast rotating pipette clinostat (=microgravity simulator) for cell cultures for laboratory use. A clinostat rotates samples constantly perpendicularly to the gravitational field to hinder the biological system from adapting to gravity. A correctly set-up clinostat forces the cells to rotate around their own center of gravity at a speed high enough to prevent them from adapting to gravity but slow enough to avoid high sheer and centrifugal forces which are the major disturbing forces during clinorotation.

To simplify the access to research under microgravity conditions, YURI offers a rental model for its clinostats on a monthly basis.


Sample Rotation Speed:
0 - 100 RPM
Power Supply:
100 V @ 60 Hz (US), 240 V @ 50 Hz (EU)
Maximum Power Consumption:
150 W
Operating Temperature:
4C to 40C
Expansion Module Size:
480 x 480 x 355 mm
1g Reference Rack Size:
140 x 400 x 40 mm