Biotech Zero-G

Biotech Zero-G is a turn-key service for biotechnology and pharmaceutical researchers interested in conducting experiments in space-based microgravity environments. This orbital bio-research platform provides microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip devices within a self-contained autonomous biotech lab module that provides remote monitoring and real-time manipulation of samples. The experiments are hosted on a small satellite with a payload return capsule capable of atmospheric reentry and  rapid recovery of research materials. Launches are available to many destination orbits, including access to polar orbits useful for space radiation research. Mission duration is highly flexible and research materials can be returned from orbit at any time and delivered to the customer within 30 hours of de-orbiting. 

Benefits of microgravity research involving molecular and cellular processes include:

  • Vaccine development
  • Personalized medicine
  • Bio-sensing platform technologies
  • Study effects of microgravity on DNA repair
  • Commercial markets for space-based biotech R&D
  • 3D bioprinting for organoids without need for cross-linkers
  • Study cell-cell interactions for cell therapy development
  • Cytoskeletal organization and role in cell function (e.g. cytotoxic cells)
  • Protein crystallization and delineation of 3D structure not possible in one G.

As an independent free-flying spacecraft, the Biotech Zero-G platform is liberated from the constraints of microgravity research conducted on the International Space Station. Biological samples are not limited by astronaut safety requirements, enabling a wider variety of possible research and experiments that are not subject to the limited space and astronaut time available on the ISS.