Reaction Sphere ADCS

Tensor Tech's ADCS100 is a integrated Reaction Sphere ADCS for CubeSats ranging from 1.5U, 2U, 3U, to 6U. This sub-system combines 6 FSS100, 1 RS100, and a tactical grade gyroscope, to provide a pointing accuracy up to 0.2 deg when the sun is capturable and 1 deg when it is not. A GPS module can increase the attitude determination better.

Hardware Included with ADCS 100:

  • 6 Fine Sun Sensors
  • 1 Tactical Grade Gyro
  • 1 Spherical Motor

tensor ACS in 3U

One Reaction Sphere can achieve same function in 1/3 volume, cost, weight and, power consumption. Tensor Tech's RS100 is a Reaction Sphere designed for CubeSats ranging from 1.5U, 2U, 3U, to 6U. This motor functioning like a Single-Gimbal Control Moment Gyro in terms of rotational dynamics; and actuated by spherical motor technology. With this device, you can control the orientation of your CubeSat like 3 or 4 traditional single-axis reaction wheel did. However, the weight, size, and power consumption is lower.

Reaction Sphere Specs:

  • Max. Momentum: 10mNms
  • Max. Torque: 1mNm
  • Power Consumption: <1W
  • Weight: <400g
  • For the ADCS100, customer's OBC simply input an attitude command with a specific reference frame; For RS100, the OBC may treat it as a torque output unit and input with 3-axis torque command. The closed-loop control and auto-desaturation mechanism with magnetorquers are embedded in.

tensor tech ACS cross section view

Tensor Tech's FSS100 is a nano fine sun sensor for CubeSats. This device sensing the direction of sunlight in two vectors and provide pointing knowledge up to 0.2 deg.

Fine Sun Sensor Specs:

  • Pointing Knowledge: 0.1 deg (3-sigma), no albedo
  • Current Consumed: <5mA
  • Interface: I2C
< 400 g
Dynamic Balance:
< G0.4
Pointing Accuracy:
0.2 deg (w/ Sun), 1 deg (no Sun)
Maximum Momentum:
10 mNms
Maximum Torque:
1 mNm
Power Consumption: