The 3D MGSE is a device created to both facilitate and shorten the assembly process, while satisfying the quality requirements. It allows to mount and rotate the satellite when assembling it. It shortens the procedure of manipulating the satellite when an engineer performs manual activities, such as mounting the components inside the satellite.

3 configuration levels:

  • Basic: it is a fully mechanical device
  • Basic + power & data lines: the basic variant extended by slip rings and connectors. The user can power the satellite and exchange data when it is mounted in the 3D MGSE.
  • Basic + power & data lines + sensors: the basic + power & data lines variant extended by attitude sensors which can be used as reference during calibration and/or testing of attitude control systems

Main features common to all variants (included in the price):

  • 3 Degrees of Freedom (DoF) is a standard feature. However, it is configurable and 3 DoF can be reduced to 2 or 1 (according to customer’s requirements).
  • The custom mounting holes for external support equipment (for example: power supply unit, measurement devices, etc.).
  • The custom designed adapters to let the user mount the satellite (according to customer’s requirements).

Unique features:

  • Sensors (for example: magnetometers, protractors, encoders): applicable only to the variant “basic + power & data lines + sensors”
  • Interface (connector): applicable only to the two top variants
Development Hardware
Lead Time:
6 to 11 weeks